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SENSES is an action game where you play as the ninja, Akin, as he journeys through different lands seeking to learn the many aspects of nature. His special skill in fact is to heighten his body senses at will, so he may have a better grasp of the world around him. He also uses his unique skill to his advantage when facing foes since he is more conscious of his surroundings. A group of elite samurai warriors named 'Chi' are very aware of the power Akin possesses. They too have the power to heighten their senses, while also being to mask their visual appearance entirely! Their goal is to capture Akin and force him into their organization so they may influence the world hidden in the shadows.

Right now the game's concept is here along with gameplay, and at this point we're working hard by adding more levels and enemies, unique stages, and more epic moves for Akin and his foes.

The game features intense action with Akin being able to slash his opponents and throw his Shuriken-sword. You have the power to heighten your vision, hearing, and touch senses to find enemies who have vanished from your sight. With many levels and enemies to encounter, SENSES will be sure to challenge your own senses!

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